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youliketehhotdogs: YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE OMFG 

Thank youuuu 😁😁

tattdqueen: You guys are fucking adorable omg !!!!!!! Def a follow I love you guys lol 

Loll thank you 😁👌

Anonymous: Anonymous here, like i said b4 I in no shape r form hating on ur life, r anything, ur family is beautiful. But again we have different background, I love family too but doesnt mean am going to go make one now. School isn't for everyone and i know how hard it is to find a job, but in some ways it seems ur settling bcuz of those circumstances. i am not judging u, u take things personal, i have a cousin who isn't made for school, and don't work. But that shouldn't stop a person... 


shaunacw21: I have to ask, how was it giving birth, did u get drugged up or natural.... am asking bcuz I want 4-6 kids and want natural. But am so nervous, its beautiful having a child and I want that so bad, even tho I don't have my husband yet... 

It was natural and the birth wasn’t painful (for me) but the contractions where unbelievable !! If I was rich I will still have more than the other we plan to have.. Even if it’s painful it’s obviously worth it.. And of course I don’t see nothing wrong with the epidural..


Thank you 😊😊

Anonymous: I am being harsh only bcuz of how we r portrayed in society as black females and that's just what they want another statistic.... 

That is also true

alonelytruth: Family is my #1 priority (though I'm single with no children) and school is a close second, but school is not the answer for everyone. It would be nice to be able to go to school, find a husband, find a career, and settle into having a family. However, it doesn't always work that way, or in that order. I just hope you don't let these anonymous haters get you down. You are beautiful, mature, and blessed to have such a wonderful family. I hope one day I'll be as blessed as you are! :) 

I wonder where you been!!! You totally understand me..! I don’t get down because of someone judging me when they don’t know what I’ve been thru and probably don’t look at their own life.. Might be because it’s easier to focus on others than on their own stuff..Thank you for the compliments I hope you can find and have everything you wish :)

alonelytruth: I just want to say that you're amazing for working and doing what you gotta do. Whether you're a waitress, or a stripper, or a professor at a university, all that matters is that you're making a living, and that you can live with yourself at the end of the day. I live in America, and I'm a student majoring in Advertising. I'm also a waitress. There are many other jobs I could apply for, and have, but this is what I could get for the moment, and I'm just happy to be working and paying my bills. 

Exactly!! Happy to be working and paying the bills!!

Anonymous: Me also am drawn to older ppl conversation wise bcuz I can relate and talk, to them am like a friend bcuz am a old soul but yet young enough to understand them. Thats something I am proud of, to me young ppl now adays r too immature and caught up in the world and I didn't like that. You don't have to prove anything to me, am not at all judgemental as I may seem, its just hard to understand. .. 

Right? I feel like I live in a different planet to the people of my age.. When I talk to them about important things I just don’t find nothing interesting in what they have to say

Anonymous: Let me be honest ur missing the point. I never said u don't need family, am just it seems like that's ur n1 thing, its cool. And FYI I do know about the job crisis, I have many friends who tell me the same thing. We all been through shit, my mom is the reason I am who I am, independent and strong, my grandparents too. We are two different ppl, brought up differently, I want a fam, everything am just not going to do that knowing how tough things are... 

You see ? By written it all sounds different.. I didn’t meant that you meant that I don’t miss or need my family I was just explaining my situation now.. And not just to you but also to everyone that read this.. I do know what you mean because I did have a time when I was pregnant that I was afraid I was doing a bad thing bringing and innocent baby to this mean world and knowing that I won’t have always the chance to protect him from bad things and people.. But this is how it works.. I also understood you not wanting a family now but having it when you have a stability..

Anonymous: I don't want you to think am attacking you, if what you say about ur mom leaving u with ur grandparents are true then, that I understand. Maybe if we actually spoke in convo its better than writing, bcuz it may come across as judgemental and mean.. 

It does the most of time so probably yes.. Check this out.. I started to write to my now future mother in law by email.. She is an ex soldier of USA.. She is like 46 years old .. We both wrote this very long long emails talking about everything that could came to our mind and of course problems,stories etc.. And we socialize so easily that after a couple of mails we kind of knew each other already! She have never called me immature or arrogant or whatever.. She is actually one of the people who says that I’m very mature for my age.. And a lot of people who knows me in person tell me that so it may be something wrong with the internet!!.. Lol

Anonymous: I read some of ur response, its too long. I have the same hopes and dreams of having a family, but I don't walk around making that my number 1thing. For me my education is first, maybe not for u, as for me my main goal is not having someone take of me. In some ways we're both similar dead beat dad, my mom and I have a good relationship, and so with my grandparents, I moved to america alone and had to grow up, but am not going to start a family now... I want one but not the time. ... 

They are long because I try to explain as much as I can to make myself clear.. Family for me is the n1 thing not just because of how I missed my parents presence but also because I think you can have a lot of things but at the end if you have everything but don’t have love.. What are you going to do with al that stuff..You didn’t give it or receive it.. Didn’t live it.. What’s the point of life? As I said people don’t know everything of my life.. I had said this before .. There’s not a lot of job opportunities here.. Italy have a huge economy crisis.. But you don’t know that cause you obviously don’t live here.. Now you know .. I came to find this job this summer because we have projects which I won’t tell here.. And I’ve been working for a month 10-12 hours at day (in August the hours will increase) with Riley at his grandma’s house here in Sardinia and Alex in Cuneo.. So right now we are all apart.. I’m doing right now the thing that I hate most and yet made me who I am today and made my dream real.. Which is .. stay away from my family like my mother did with me for a better future for us in an other place.. But.. In my case is just until august,otherwise I could have never come here.. I need my family too much to go on..I’m lost without them.. I’ve seen Riley 3 times since I’m here.. And Alex it’s finally coming next week which means we will see each other more often and anyways the job ends in20 days.. ( I’m also living with other people because that it’s how seasonal jobs works here)Finally!
Will have my family back.. Now you see my intention is not to be maintained and have my ass on the sofa all day.. In that case I would have married someone rich..
My grandparents are part if my everything.. I love them so much..
I feel lucky to have grandparents like them.. After almost 40 years or something of being married they are still so happy.. Still flirt with each other.. I want that so bad.. If I know what love is is because of them.. ❤️