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andreakiara: Your so pretty 😊 , & your one of my favorite blogs 

Thank you 😊

I posted a picture from the day before the orange bikini.. As you can see.. I’m not that thin..

Anonymous: I want to say your pic on instagram, in the orange bikini, you look anorexic and your face looks frail, like your sad, not being mean, but the one in the white looks way better, you looked healthier. Maybe its something else... 

I noticed that too! Not sure if it was the pose or what.. My shoulders are thin I guess it really it’s just the pose and the fact that high waist bikinis define the waist wich can make me look thinner..Also because the other picture (the one with one girl) was taken 3 weeks ago and I work 10 hours at day so I don’t think I could stand up if I had those kind of problems.. An other thing for people who looks if I’m too thin or muscular., not trying to be mean.. I don’t workout from a while now.. And also I don’t have eating disorders .. Never had .. I can stop doing a lot of things but eating it’s not one of them.. Love chocolate,arroz con frijoles and pasta too much for that!! Plus I don’t think I need it and don’t approve it for others neither.

Anonymous: You're a BEAUTIFUL family : ) 

Thank you 😁

Anonymous: Nice family I must say, first I must say am not taking sides but reading through your comments both of you guys have a point, as myself criticized by women. Your subjected to alot of that because you are so public. Maybe that person's delivery was too straight forward, and came across as rude, in some ways, but your public so certain things you need to just use one sentence to dismiss. I get her point too because , you do put so much out there, and certain things u say r rude also. 

Thank you.. Can you do some examples when I sound rude and it wasn’t necessary?Anyway is not my intention to sound rude.. If and when I do is when I read people judging us.. Since I put a lot on public I do also know that a lot of people won’t think the way I do and it’s normal because we all are not the same.. If people insult me they may have the same treatment otherwise I can say I am one of the most kind and genuine person ever.. Also things sound different written than in person.. By that also I can’t judge someone just for one thing because I do not know her.. I’m just seeing pictures and videos.. Who tell you that in person I’m arrogant or something? Actually I’m the kind of person that love to socialize and is always laughing about everything .. I’m very positive.. I can’t expect people to understand that from a blog.. Some people here add me on fb and wrote to me telling that they would love to meet me in person.. So I guess I’m not that childish or arrogant.. And I do have some friends I met on the internet and write to me about their life and problems.. Social networks are hard.. I can’t be liked by everyone.. I show the real me.. If there is something people don’t like they can tell me.. But without insulting me.. It’s a free world and everyone can think and live how they want.

Anonymous: am anonymous bcuz i saw ur profile and thought a cute fam, then i read your answers and i thought obnoxious. Like i said i am not a hater, it's just based on what I see, maybe u did waste ur time replying, but i wasted mine on someone that doesn't matter, you still are a child no matter how many kids or marriage you have, your thinking is.... its over now, deleted!!!! 


Anonymous: fans are for people who actually do something and are famous, I don't want to be called a fan bcuz I look at your profile. It just seems obnoxious and ignorant. (You may disagree, I really don't care)... But then again your famous in your own obnoxious head, so I guess you think people are your fans... Not a hater, just being real, let's face it you have nothing that I want... How about you grow up little girl... 

For me there isn’t a difference between followers or fans.. I do follow people so I guess I am a fan of them.. I am a fan of my grandparents .. Of singers, actress.. Of the people I follow on IG, on tumblr.. Everyone has a different personality or thing and that is the reason why I follow.. I don’t think I’m famous.. I’m not a little girl neither,also I’m not the one who is interested in knowing how a “little girl” thinks.. Also by being anonymous.. And of course I already waisted my time answering to you since you seem to be the ignorant here.. Searching for defects and stuff to hate.. I’m not like any of you I can think and be who I want if someone think that is wrong than I guess they aren’t living the life they really want,I DO.. An other thing that shows you are the ignorant is the fact that you try to insult me.. Mature people.. Not “little girls-boys” or “ignorant people” know how to accept the different thoughts of other people.. Unless of course it isn’t an insult.. I show to the people who we are,they can like us or they can hate us..I don’t really care.. We are not Beyoncé and Jay-Z .. I will still be rich with love if people don’t like us.. I’m myself .. I’m real..I don’t have to be paid millions to show people what they want to see..Like I said.. I already waisted my time.. Sorry to disappoint you!
Have a nice day

nastaciia: My fav couple 😌😌😌😌😊 

Hi baeeeee 😍😍 I can finally follow you on tumblr too 😍😘

Anonymous: why do you call people your fans? 

I don’t know does it bother you?

Anonymous: A job, do you have one? 

Yes I’m working at Baja Sardinia as waitress.. I started 2weeks ago

Anonymous: I got to ask, do you work or anything?? 

You mean if I have a job or if I workout?

Anonymous: ¿Hablas español? ¿Qué puedo hacer para mejorar mi español? I want to be fluent 

You should do some courses, travel to a Spanish country or speak with people that are able too speak it

Anonymous: Don't be offended by the people who ask you why y'all don't cover up so much. It's just different cultures. In America (or where I live, Texas) men would be mocked if they wore a speedo and you'd never see a woman topless at the beach but I know that in parts of Europe and other places it is normal 

Exactly because there are different cultures people should not judge.. Me personally don’t like the topless but I don’t judge unless you are and old woman I don’t think it looks good..
But thanks anyway

Anonymous: Was it hard to lose the baby weight? 

Not at all even if I didn’t try for the first year so my weight was 57 kg but when I started to train I get to 50 kg